Excerpts from Just Outside Your Window...

“Our only job is not to waste one single day.

Though “forgiveness” is one of the most beautiful words ever, it’s one of the most challenging actions we ever take in our lives.’…. If you want to be free from the cycle of blaming that is keeping you trapped, the first step… it will take time. There is no overnight solution. Always remember to be patient and compassionate with yourself. What you experienced at the hands of someone else was painful and they bear responsibility, but only you can decide to live your life in peace and joy."

- Donna Bailey

“The reality that is present to us and in us: Call it Being... Silence.

And the simple fact that by being attentive, by learning to listen (or recovering the natural capacity to listen) we can find ourselves engulfed in such happiness that cannot be explained.”

- Thomas Merton

“The birds have vanished into the sky

And now the last cloud drains away.
We sit together, the mountain and me,
until only the mountain remains.”

- Li Po